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Women of Influence Year Event by The Corridor Business Journal

I come here today to say that most of everything we do is influenced by women. The women in my life have and still teach me how to connect with life as it is from a more loving, patient, welcoming, and in-tune perspective. Understanding and really appreciating the nurturing involved in all of our communities is hugely impacted by women.

Being invited to join the 2024 Women of Influence event made me reflect on my place in life and the women who have influenced me. As someone new to the scene, I was instantly welcomed with open arms by the mother of one of the nominees. This warmth made me ponder how often we are influenced daily. We cannot achieve our goals without the tender love and care passed down through the wisdom and love we receive.

As I took my seat in the auditorium, I was greeted by a warm smile from a worker helping serve the audience. Her happiness and gratitude were palpable, so I couldn't resist asking her thoughts. She shared, "I am grateful to be here with a team of people in such a positive environment." This interaction made me realize that everywhere we go, we are influenced by women.

The Corridor Business Journal was incredibly inviting to me as a new business owner. They provided an amazing platform for me to meet many leaders and mentors. The event featured exceptional food and the opportunity to hear from some very influential women that I had never known before but who are significant figures in the Corridor area. These women hold humanity together with their strength and dedication. Attending this event reminded me of the profound impact women have on our lives and communities.

Moreover, this event is an unparalleled opportunity for networking and personal growth. You don’t want to miss the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from the leaders who speak, and be influenced by their wisdom and experiences. The networking opportunities are immense, providing a platform to meet and engage with inspiring women and other professionals in the community.

So, I want to say thank you to the women who have been a beacon around the world. Thank you for doing what is hard and smiling like it is easy. Thank you for nurturing all of us.

Don't miss the next Women of Influence event by The Corridor Business Journal. It's an opportunity to honor the incredible women who shape our communities and inspire us all. Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating their achievements and contributions while taking advantage of the valuable networking opportunities and inspirational speeches.

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